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facebook linkWelcome to the Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society website! This website is all about Eastern Bluebirds, a smallbird that resides in eastern North America.
Here you can learn about Eastern Bluebirds, find out about building nestboxes for bluebirds, and join the Society.

The Next OEBS AGM will be Saturday April 14th, 2015

Saturday March 22nd, 2014

Royal Botanical Gardens . 680 Plains Road West, Burlington ON L7T 4H4

8.30-900am Registration-Wayne and Linda Buck
9.00-9.30am President’s Report and Introductions-Bill Read
  Business Meeting
     Slate of executives for 2014- Tom Kott
     Membership Report-Anne Davidson
     Treasurer’s Report –Anne Davidson
     Announcement of Conservation Award- Bill Read
9.30-10.15am Member nest box reports
10.15-10.45am Coffee Break and viewing of bucket raffle items
10.45-11.05am Is it time to Focus on Another Species other than Bluebirds- Bill Read 
11.05-11.50am  Artificial Structures for Barn Swallows - Kristyn Richardson
12.00-1.30pm Lunch
1.30- 2.25 pm Badgers in Ontario - Josh Sayers
2.25- 3.00pm Coffee Break and viewing of bucket raffle items
3.00- 3.30pm Nest Boxes - Show and Tell - open discussion
3.30- 4.00pm  Bucket Raffle –Tom Hunt

Bucket Raffle- If you have an item for the bucket raffle please bring it along to the meeting.

OEBS Annual Eastern Bluebird Field Trip

This year’s trip is on Sunday, May 25th, 2014. We will meet at 9am at the Orchard Home apple orchard. The farm is located one concession north of St.George on Howell Road.
Please confirm by or phone Bill Read at 1-519-620-0744

Dorrie nest box2 Dorrie nest box The Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society recommends the Dorrie nest box (pictured at left). Please go to Nest Boxes and Bluebird Trails page for more information.

The objectives of the Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society are (1) to increase the number of managed nest-box trails in Ontario, (2) give expertise and guidance to new trail operators and (3) monitor population trends from year to year by surveying the number of fledged young from nest boxes.

Meal Worms

Newhaven Mealworms - George and Alicia Oakley - 519-925-2571
525024 5th Side Road R R # 6 Shelburne Ontario L0N 1S9

10,000 for $35 plus shipping - Minimum order 10,000.

You will go through them quickly especially if the adults are feeding young. Now is the time to stock up for the first broods. This offer is open only to Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society members.

The Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society is an affiliate member of the North American Bluebird Society.

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