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Welcome to the Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society website! This website is all about Eastern Bluebirds, a small bird that resides in eastern North America. 
Here you can learn about Eastern Bluebirds, find out about building nest boxes for bluebirds, download and read our newsletters, and join the OEBS or donate. Memorial donations can be made from any one of the donation options on our donation page.

The 2023 Spring Newsletter is now available on the newsletter page.

Notice to all members that Chris Mouriopolous has once again offered to make bluebird boxes and feeders once again this year. See photos below. He is charging $35.00 for each box OF WHICH $25.00 WILL BE DONATED TO OEBS. Check your emails for ordering information.

Dorrie Nest Box
Patterson Nest box
Feeder in Spring
New Feeder

The 2021 OEBS AGM  was held on Saturday, March 19, 2022
You can view the YouTube video of the meeting on our About Us page.

A link to the latest newsletter is on the newsletters page. The 2022 OEBS Fall Newsletter has now been uploaded.

The objectives of the Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society are (1) to increase the number of managed nest-box trails in Ontario, (2) give expertise and guidance to new trail operators and (3) monitor population trends from year to year by surveying the number of mfledged young from nest boxes.

The Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society recommends the Dorrie nest box (pictured above). Please go to Nest Boxes and Bluebird Trails page for more information.

Meal Worms

Newhaven Mealworms – 705 333 3363  – George Oakley
10,000 for $50 plus shipping – Minimum order 10,000. 

You will go through them quickly especially if the adults are feeding young. Now is the time to stock up for the first broods. This offer is open only to Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society members.

The Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society is an affiliate member of the North American Bluebird Society.

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